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Roccella Jonica: introduction

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Of all the tourist destinations situated on the Eastern coast of Calabria, Roccella Jonica is, arguably, the most worthy of mention. Not far from Locri, the town boasts both spectacular sea and beaches, which have resulted in Roccella Jonica obtaining international recognition and attract great numbers of holiday makers to the town each summer. In addition to the crystal clear waters, the town offers a great variety of leisure and cultural facilities including a theatre, cinema, and discotheques.

Extending for some 3500 meters, the town's seafront promenade is one of the longest on the whole of Calabria's Ionian coast. The tourist and fishing port, known as the Porto delle Grazie, is surrounded by bars, restaurants and pizzerias. Boasting 500 mooring places, the port of Roccella Jonica frequently hosts sporting events of international importance and is one of the principal landing places in the area.

Whilst in Roccella Jonica, a stroll through the old town or "Città Vecchia" is an absolute must: an occasion to visit the fortified village and the Angevin Castle which, since the 16th century, has towered above the town and dominated the surrounding landscape.

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