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The Pollino is by far the largest of Italy's national parks; extending across a staggering 193 thousand hectares of mountainous territory. A total of 56 districts, belonging to the Southern Italian regions of Calabria and Basilicata, lie within the boundary of the Pollino; districts which collectively count a population of some 170 thousand inhabitants.

The mountains of the Pollino include the highest slopes in the whole of Southern Italy and provide the ideal environment where to partake in every genre of outdoor sport, from rock climbing, to abseiling and mountaineering. Numerous the excursions to be made over the peaks of Serra delle Ciavole, Serra di Crispo, Serra del Prete, Monte Pollino, Monte Alpi, La Mula, La Montea, Monte Palanuda, Cozzo del Pellegrino, Monte Caramolo and Timpone Scifarello.

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