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In 2002, an area measuring some 73.695 hectares of land, was officially designated National Park of Sila. The park brings together the Sila Piccola, Sila Greca, Sila Grande and the National Park of Calabria, the latter a previously existing park founded in 1968.

The National Park of Sila provides the ideal territory for all kinds of agricultural activities, as well as sheep and livestock farming, but also wine-making, and a great number of outdoor sports. Here, visitors spend a vacation discovering the immense natural beauty of Calabria and places which have made an important contribution to the cultural and historical heritage of the region.

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Torre Camigliati

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Roberto Bisignano


Roberto Bisignano

And now the 'enchanted forest', the 'magic plateau', the 'great wood' of antiquity awaits us - we are heading for the Sila! The visitor... (Torre Camigliati) →

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