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Locri is a popular seaside destination, situated on Calabria's Costa dei Gelsomini, or Jasmine Coast, looking out over the Ionic sea. The origins of Locri date back to the period of the Magna Grecia, when the Greek settlement of Locri Epizefiri was established here.

Testifying to the city's ancient past, in the Archaeological Park of Locri Epizefri we find the Centocamere district; the old commercial center of the town, the defense walls, the Necropolis, the Temple of Marasà, and the Greek-Roman theatre. The National Museum houses a fascinating collection of ancient coins, vases, and building materials, found in the area during excavation work.

Those visiting Locri will, inevitably, be struck by the beauty of its sea. Crystal clear waters lap beaches which extend for kilometers along the coast, beaches which attract thousands of holiday makers to this part of Calabria each year.

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