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Gerace is a medieval town situated between the Ionic coast and the National Park of Aspromonte, on a high plain from where it dominates the whole of the Locride Valley. Just a few kilometers divide Gerace from some of Calabaria's most beautiful beaches. From the Belvedere delle Bombarde, a breathtaking view can be enjoyed over the countryside and as far as the sea.

Legend has it that Gerace was founded by the Saracens guided to the spot by a sparrow hawk, in Greek, ierax, from which the town's name derives. Gerace, an important stronghold in the Byzantine period, was significantly transformed by the Normans, traces of whose domination can still be found in the monuments, palazzi, and churches of the town.

The cathedral, consecrated in 1045, and the 13th century Church of San Francesco are two of the sites more than worthy of visit, as is the Borgo Vecchio, with its potter's workshops and ancient dwellings dug directly out of the tufa.

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