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The city of Cosenza extends over seven hills which dip into the valley where the Crati River converges with that of the Busento. The picturesque historic center is situated to the left of the Crati river, its narrow roads and alleyways winding up the hills of Pancrazio, Guarassano and Torrevetere.

To the West of the city, the slopes of Mount Cocuzzo form a natural barrier between Cosenza and the Tyrrhenian sea, whilst, to the East, one finds the wooded high plain of the Sila, where the wolf, symbol of this ancient Calabrian city, still roams free.

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Torre Camigliati

Historical Residences

Roberto Bisignano


Roberto Bisignano

And now the 'enchanted forest', the 'magic plateau', the 'great wood' of antiquity awaits us - we are heading for the Sila! The visitor... (Torre Camigliati) →

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