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This Calabrian town with a population of fifteen thousand inhabitants, situated on the region's Ionian coast, close to Crotone, not only offers tourists a spectacular, crystal clear sea, endless hours of sunshine, and great summer entertainment, but also the vicinity to a number of fascinating archaeological sites and a museum (Cirò Marina Archeological Museum, Palazzo Porti, Piazza Diaz) in which to observe the artefacts uncovered during the numerous digs carried out in the area over recent decades.

Excavation work conducted since the 1920's onwards has brought to light impressive structures as the late 6th century B.C. temple dedicated to Apollo Aleo. Not to be missed, a visit to Cirò Marina's two ancient watch towers, the last remaining examples of a series of towers built so as to defend the town from attacks coming from the sea. The "Torre Vecchia" or Old Tower, built on the Madonna del Mare promontory, is believed to date back to the 9th century and is still in excellent condition. The same can not be said for the battle-worn "Torre Nuova" or New Tower, erected towards the close of the 16th century.

The town's churches, a number of which have modern, even futuristic, architectural details are well worthy of visit. The Church of Sant'Antonio da Padova, with its highly artistic stained glass windows and impressive laminated timber roofing, is of particular interest.

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