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On the Tyrrhenian coast, South of Cosenza, lies Amantea, one of the principal Calabrian seaside destinations, much prized for its long sandy beaches. Thanks to its favourable geographic position, Amantea enjoys a wonderfully mild climate.

Add to this the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the undisputed artistic and architectural importance of the town's historic center, and it is easy to understand why so many tourists choose to pay Amantea visit. Among the many traces of the town's past glory, there are the ruins of the castle, the Jesuit college, and the 17th century Cathedral of S.Biagio, this latter positioned at the top of a dramatically steep flight of steps.

One of Calabrias' principal fishing towns, Amantea is famous for its preparation of anchovies, sardines and "rosamarina", a sea food speciality realised according to a centuries old local recipe. Amantea attracts hundreds of tourists each year, all coming to see the Oasi Blu dell'Ischia, a stretch of sea to the South of the town characterised by its fabulous sea bed and two monumental stacks which rise up out of the sea some 800 meters from the shore line.

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Roberto Bisignano

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