Calabria and Basilicata: Hotels to remember

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Torre Camigliati

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Roberto Bisignano


Roberto Bisignano

And now the 'enchanted forest', the 'magic plateau', the 'great wood' of antiquity awaits us - we are heading for the Sila! The visitor... (Torre Camigliati) →

Calabria and Basilicata at a glance

Calabria and Basilicata Hotel

Calabria is a rugged, mountainous land, forming the 'toe' of the Italian 'boot'.

It is an area of great beauty, with one coastline on the Ionian Sea, the other on the Tyrrhenian. To the North are remote forests, parched rocky shores, beaches, deep blue sea, and enduring traditions. The area was little known to tourists before the discovery of two bronze statues, from the Hellenic period, the Bronzi of Riace, was made in the early 1980s. Many came to see these unique finds in the Reggio Calabria Museum and discovered, at the same time, a region of incredible appeal. Much of the region is still relatively unknown to not Italian tourists.

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